Boutique representation, commissions and festivals

When I sat down to consider my next blog entry, I realized that rather than not enough news, I have more news than ever before! It's been a good - and busy - week. And it's only Wednesday. Best revert to the old list!

  • My necklaces are now carried in Rag Poets, a local boutique with which I'm proud to report this new relationship. The meetings I had with the manager and with the new owner were quite gratifying and validating of the direction in which my work is now going. I look forward to seeing how this chapter in my jewelry design career goes.
  • I've just emailed photos to a client in Maryland who commissioned a necklace for her daughter. I created several pendants in a series from which she can choose, then I'll design the necklace to fulfill that wish.
  • Within the hour, I'm meeting with another client who has commissioned several pieces for an out of town event she's attending in a couple of weeks. She'll have the same luxury of previewing the pendants I created based on our last meeting. Hopefully she'll be pleased with what evolved from that meeting. Then I'll get to work on her jewelry right away. And earrings to match...
  • I've just gotten a ton (maybe 40-50?) of new pendants from this week's firing and am thrilled by the results. I'm happier with more of the finished pieces than ever before. Good stuff.
  • Today when I taught my 4th weekly beading class at the senior center, nearly all of the participants, (if not ALL of them,) expressed frustration/disappointment that I wouldn't be able to keep coming weekly. And further expressions of "we really must see you again so you work it out," were shared, too. So we'll see what happens as the powers that be make the decisions about that possibility. I've grown more and more fond of these ladies plus one man, (who actually didn't make anything today, but kept us all good, entertaining company,) and hope things do work out so I can return soon.
  • Less than two weeks from now I'll participate in the Asheboro Fall Festival, a two day event, October 7 & 8, that's larger than any I've ever gone to. Am excited and not close to being ready and a bit nervous, but mostly in a good way. If I keep the pace I've been able to keep this week, hopefully I'll be in much better shape within a few days. I'll let you know how that goes... :) (Please click here to view my current show schedule.)
  • I've drafted (and nearly finished,) a couple of new pages for my website that I'll be rolling out soon. Those pages will be of particular interest to anyone curious about what they might expect if they'd like me to design a website for them.

And now best to move along with some more work. I'll do my best not to wait quite so long before I blog again...