Headlong into another festival season

105053-190964-thumbnail.jpgIt's that time of year again: Festival Season. The time when markets and schools and towns and churches and neighborhoods invite vendors of all kinds to come set up booths for your perusal.  As of today, I've posted my current schedule online. I'm scheduled to participate in four before the end of the year. There's always the possibility I'll add more, but as it is, there's a ton of preparation involved in being ready for these events.

Just over a month ago I wrote about my plans for booth preparation. About how This Time is Gonna' Be Different, for sure. I'll try not to be too hard on myself when I admit I haven't gotten very far with the booth prep. At least I'm not as far along as I'd promised myself I'd be when I wrote that. Fortunately three weeks remain before my first event, the Asheboro Fall Festival. I haven't participated in this event before and I understand it's quite large. Much larger than any at which I've had booths before. So although I'm excited, there's a twinge of nervousness as well. (Nothing I can't handle, of course.)

Meanwhile, I've got something in the works with a local boutique which will eat into some of the available inventory I'd normally be intending for the festival. And that's so far from a complaint I couldn't begin to explain. I'm very excited about this opportunity and I'll tell you more about it soon - once the details are confirmed a little better than they are now. What that means, though, is that the coming days will be filled to overflowing with creative expression. It's good to have creative statements on one's calendar. Even better when there are Big Deadlines driving that calendar forward.

Four festivals and inventory for a boutique: that's the kind of deadlines I love. I'll let you know how things progress...