Water, symphonies & lost bookmarks, plus more

When's the last time you went to the symphony? I just got home and the sound of the orchestra is still in my head. My Mom is gonna' be so happy. (I'll save you the program, Mom! Actually, wait. Yes: Here you are! The Gershwin I knew. Shostakovich I did not. Amazing. I think I'd like to have a CD of this one.)

Thinking of my evening and adding it to my mental list of this week's experiences, it occurred to me that a) I haven't blogged in days, and b) if I'm gonna' blog tonight it's gonna' be a list. Ready?

Interesting Experiences From My Week So Far:

...in no particular order

  • Made a different style of necklace than ever before to prepare for a class in which I wanted to try something new. (It worked out nicely, although I don't think I'll start selling any of these...my specialty pieces make me much happier.)
  • Fell in love with my Seniors class all over again. (They kinda' like me too. I can tell!)
  • Discovered a new musical artist I won't be able to do justice to as I share it with you. A friend in DC sent me Bali and Bali Duo by Jalan Jalan. On a whim. Wow. I want more whims like that coming into my life. Actually, here's what he said in an email, sharing his experience of the music: "It's such a mellow yet deliberate sound...as if you're floating, but someone's got their hand under you to guide you." That pretty much sums up the sound, if you have to find words to capture the experience.
  • Finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris. What an exceedingly funny man. Oh to be able to string words together like that!
  • Went back on Adderall and retrieved some of that forgotten focus. Subsequently consumed more water than I knew a body could actually ingest in two days. (To say nothing of the incessant potty breaks.)
  • Nearly ran out of gas in a deluge while driving through an area downtown where a woman alone does not want to run out of gas in the rain while she's alone. Fortunately, did not run out of gas. Was grateful in enormous, magnificent ways.
  • Helped solve a website hosting mystery (read: problem,) for an great organization. Was happy to be part of such a resolution.
  • Was told that the owners of a cool local shop fell in love with one of my necklaces that was worn into said shop by a friend of mine. This could turn out to be a way cool thing. I'd really like that. Shall pay them a little visit very, very soon.
  • Flirted.
  • Discovered that one of my clients has a pool table in her basement. Uh oh...
  • Also discovered that in the night, my computer "gifted me" with a new version of my favorite browser. All my bookmarks are gone. I find that while that kinda' freaks me out more than I want to admit, there's another part of me that's remarkably calm and "oh well" about it. (That's the part of me that knows there's so much stuff in there I can rarely find what I'm looking for anyway.) Still it would be kinda' nice to have my bookmarks. Maybe backups would have been a good idea, no?
  • Made a baby laugh...a lot. (He made me laugh more.)
And a bunch of other stuff. It's turning out to be a very satisfactory week. Hope yours is grand, too. If not, you've got another day before the weekend!