Fun with copper clasps

105053-471155-thumbnail.jpgWorking with copper wire has been among the fun parts of making my clay pendant necklaces since the first time I tried it. Remembering this today, it occurred to me how strange it is I've never actually taken the time to make my own clasps with wire. Sure - I embellish many of my pendants with wire - both copper and sterling - but in spite of the fact that I've seen other artisan jewelry that features hand-made clasps, I've never tried it myself.

Well, what is it they say about necessity being the mother of invention? Today I was working on a new necklace and nearby lay another one I made several days ago. I'd put it aside sans clasp because it seems I'd let myself run out of copper clasps. Today I wasn't so patient as earlier in the week. I wanted a clasp now!

105053-471157-thumbnail.jpgSo here we are. Now I've made two new clasps and I so love them that I have every intention of making more. Roomie was the one who suggested the little dangle for the added kick. I've added these to other pieces before, but have no doubt that I would have forgotten this little perk today.

Now to stop making necklaces for the day. I only let myself get caught up in these in the first place because the clay I was about to use for these new commissioned pieces was too wet. Hopefully after I run a single errand, the clay will be dry enough for me to create some really happy pieces. Then it's off to start the weekend.

Hope your Friday is grand!