Sure, he was here first, but...

105053-464493-thumbnail.jpgWhen I'm not writing about creativity or ADD or travel, I used to write about Kenya. Alas, it seems that Kenya is no more. And so I've taken to writing about my sister's baby, The Adorable Mr. Pie, instead. But before The Adorable Mr. Pie was ever thought of, there was somebody else.

105053-464496-thumbnail.jpgHis name is Oscar.

I've been thinking a lot about Oscar's plight, lately, and that of other kitties who used to live the good life until Tiny People came to terrorize their worlds. Oscar was The Dude. He was fawned over, bathed and brushed regularly, treated like some pampered royalty...until maybe halfway into my sister's pregnancy. It's been a little downhill ever since.

105053-464498-thumbnail.jpgDon't get me wrong. Oscar's still The Original. I've even overheard sis mention "your brother" to the baby. She means Oscar. So he hasn't been utterly booted out of his space. Not utterly.

105053-464501-thumbnail.jpgBut life's just not the same as it was before Mr. Pie came to be. When I visit their home, as I've been doing more often than usual, lately, I watch Oscar's patterns. I'm pleased to report he's regained a bit of his old gentleness. During the pregnancy you might say he even got downright mean (to me, anyway,) at times. He knew something was up, even when he didn't know what it is.

Now I think you just might describe him as cautious. Wary. Alert. Highly Aware Of His Surroundings. He's got to be. This kid isn't even really crawling yet and the cat knows he should be very afraid.

I took the liberty of capturing a bit of Oscar's old glory this weekend. He's a total foot whore and loves that I prefer to be barefoot. I even captured him letting it all hang out, so to speak. Surely that was 105053-464503-thumbnail.jpgwhen the baby was safely tucked away where he posed no risk.

Oscar's getting good at determining The Risk Factor of this baby. I wonder if he'll ever be the same again...