Beading minutia after baby giddiness

You'd think there'd be an end to the amount of bead sorting a woman could do. You'd be wrong, of course, but you still might think that and nobody would blame you.

I'm sorting beads again. Only this time I've found some stashed-away extras that I'm adding to the inventory, and also cutting apart some "she didn't know what she was doing back then" pieces I designed that I'd never try to sell but which have beads on 'em (necklaces and earrings, that is,) which could be used to great advantage. Particularly at beading parties and workshops, of which I've been hosting rather a lot today.

Before that, I hung out with Mr. Pie who is still, as it turns out, the coolest baby I know! Who else can you look at just a specific way and have him in stitches? Which, in turn, turns you into an utter noodle? And on and on it goes, laughing at each other. Until one of us needs a nap or a change of clothes.

Meanwhile the temperature has dropped to a nice, normal, tolerable range. Hallelujia. Or however you spell that.