The job I almost applied for

The friend who showed me the ad said, "This job was written for you." The friends I told about it agreed. And maybe it was.

I still didn't apply for it.

Still trying to get my head around this choice, but it's got something to do with "I will not leave one more string of half-finished things un-done and move on to something else."

These days I've convinced myself it's easier to work for someone else. Not in every way, of course, but in that "it's nice to just go do a job and not be concerned about wooing the next client, or drumming up the next gig" kind of way. And I think that's why I almost talked myself into "selling myself" to these folks who needed a part-time online assistant. After all, the position was written for me.

Then again, so was the position I've worked this last year to create for myself.

And on it goes.

Meanwhile, it's fun to report that lately I've:

  • Shipped a bunch of fun necklaces to Texas,
  • Made some new ones,
  • Been approached to custom design some pieces for another wedding guest to wear...two, actually,
  • Sent off my fee for the festival I was writing about,
  • Made some interesting earrings (some of which I hate, others of which I love,)
  • Drafted that artist statement and bio I kept struggling with.
  • And etc...
Better get back on's nearly noon. Cheers!