Clay, music, rain & babies...

It's been quite a week so far. For you too? Thought I'd check in and write a bit about the highlights...just for fun. This week in no particular order I have:

  • Made more than 100 pendants that are just waiting for their first bisque firing,
  • Cuddled with sister's baby more than once, (and am about to again, this morning,)
  • Gotten an email from a friend in another state who confirmed my mailing address because he was inspired to send me some music,
  • Watched a neighbor's chair fly across the parking lot in a serious deluge,
  • Glazed a whole bunch of other pendants and taken them to a friend's studio for her next high firing,
  • Read a lot,
  • Not managed to make any progress on the website I should have made progress on, but hope springs eternal,
  • And stuff...
Here's the baby! Hope your day is as much fun as mine is about to be...