Gallery submissions to report

So they went in the mail today, these gallery submissions I've mentioned before but not in a long, long time. It seemed a better idea to stop writing about the items on my list of things planned and, instead, share the excitement of having accomplished another task I've only partially completed...over and over.

The primary hang-up was the photos. Well, the latest primary hang-up. Before that it was making sure I was pleased with a series of pieces that I actually wanted to photograph as an actul body of work. Sure, I've enjoyed so many of my necklaces for some time now, but it seemed I wanted a series made specifically with this kind of distribution - galleries and boutiques - in mind.

So now I've contacted a few that really seem to have the look and feel that seems to best resonate with my work, and I'll enjoy hearing back from them.

Three of these places - two that are local and another that's out of town - have sold my work before. But only on a limited scale. What I'm looking for this time around is the establishing of a relationship with several quality venues where I can provide work as I expand my inventory, and continue to supply them as they sell to their specific clientele.

I'll let you know how it goes. Now that I've contacted these, it's time to select the next few. I think I knew which places I'll contact next...

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the knowledge that I finally quit letting mysef get waylaid by this or that perceived obstacle.

Happy Friday! It's a "family weekend" so I'm not sure when I'll write again. Hope yours is splendiferous!