Program a phone much?

105053-440376-thumbnail.jpg Because I am not only incapable of keeping a cell phone from dropping on the floor at least twice a week (as is evidenced here, and here, and here,) but am apparently also incapable (hmmm: unwilling,) to learn to correctly program one, it doesn't seem to matter which phone I'm using, whether new or old, free or expensive, the cell phones of my life continue to allude me.

I was told earlier this week, "Calls with you are the only ones that sound like you're in a heavy wind-storm." I'm so proud. Wonder if it's something I'm doing wrong. Like holding the phone upside down without knowing it. More likely I've dropped this one too often, too.

Just now I received a call from a number I know I'm supposed to know. The first three digits were oh-so-familiar. "Pick it up," I told myself, "It's someone you want to talk to." I didn't pick it up. I was trying to maintain my workflow. (Really.)

It was Sarah. OHhhhhhhh! Of course! Now I know why the first three digits were familiar. I used to have her number programmed. She's a good friend and if I have the numbers programmed then I know who's calling without having to remember the first three digits!

I de-programmed it accidentally a week or so ago when I was trying to remove A Number I Never, Ever Need To Have Programmed Into My Phone...Ever. Meanwhile, after deleting Sarah's number from my phonebook, I wonder, in retrospect, whether or not The Phone Number I Don't Need Anymore is still there.


Better go call Sarah. No, not yet. When I take a break from work!