Not like riding a bicycle...

Throwing pots on a wheel, that is.

Today at Marcy's I got out some nice, bright clay. It's a horrid, deep reddish orange at this phase, but once it's fired, it'll be the color of a dark chocolate candy bar.Yum. (It's a glorious mess to work with, stains like nobody's business, but the way the glazes turn out on it is heavenly.) I decided to be brave and put some on the wheel. Having glazed those pendants yesterday after writing about it here, I thought I'd really branch out. Plus I needed some forms only accessible by challenging myself on the wheel, for part of my display for shows and galleries.

Um, okay then.

I'm not very good at this anymore. Apparently there's a possibility, even, that if you don't use it, you'll lose it. Hopefully, though I can get "it" back soon enough. It didn't happen today.

I'm telling myself it wasn't because I'm a rotten potter but because the clay was too hard. (Which it actually was, honestly...)

And next time the clay won't be so hard. Which is encouraging. I wish to be encouraged about this. I have far too many years' worth of throwing pots practice to have gotten this bad after way too long not throwing pots. Sigh. Again I find myself facing the phrase, "Baby steps."

P.S. I have horrid, orange circles under my fingernails. I'd forgotten about that part. Good thing it looks so purty once it's fired. I'd never, ever use this clay...