Looking forward to my glazing session

105053-437386-thumbnail.jpgI've mentioned, no doubt more than once, that I sometimes lose excitement over my pendants before I've ever even worked them into a necklace design. Because my process has to be so multi-phased - always having a series of pieces in each stage of development: fresh designs still wet and malleable, dried pieces ready for a bisque kiln, bisqued pieces ready to glaze, then finished pieces just waiting for me to design something new around each new one, it can be tricky to let go of what I know is coming from the next firing, while I design a new necklace. Better to work with what's in front of me now, than worry about what the next designs could be. Since they're not ready yet.

So, in boosting my momentum, and purging some old pendants that'd been hanging around for far too long, I told you I threw out a whole honkin' pile of 'em. (Photo to prove it, in this entry!) Well, meanwhile, I have a new batch ready to be bisqued in the next firing. And, these babies, shown in today's picture, are ready for glazing.

What to do, what to do???

I have the color charts with this and next seasons' projected fashion colors, at my fingertips. Sometimes, though... I have to tell you, the people I'm designing for aren't necessarily that concerned with what the runway models were wearing during fashion week. Sometimes people have their favorite colors...they wear what they wear, fashion-industry be damned.

Number one rule of thumb: there's no way to predict what people will be wearing. But I have to try and do it anyway.

Of course I'm keeping those colors in mind as I sit down to glaze later today. Hopefully I'll already have some of the appropriate colors on hand. I'm not driving 30 miles to shop for new glazes. Not today anyway.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I have a "studio date" with Marcy. Where, no doubt, I'll be creating a whole 'nother series.

Wonder what they'll look like???