Blogging ebb and flow...

I have a love/hate relationship with my blogs. It's so much fun to write - it was one of my first loves. Creative expression, putting words together, a form of know, it fulfills needs that address these activities. But sometimes I find blogging has become "one more thing to do." Which is so far from the point. And that attitude doesn't do the process a service.

Today is Sunday. I'm taking care of My Favorite Almost 6 Month Old. He's very charming and adorable and etc., etc., etc. And tiring. So now that he's fallen asleep, I find a list of things I could do and the idea of blogging is on that list...near the top, since I haven't written in a couple of days...and I struggle.

Here's the thing: I made the rules. I can change 'em. But as soon as I write something as concrete as "I'm only going to be writing in my blog 4-5 times a week," it'll turn into a big old lie, and I'll want to check in twice a day.

Hmph. So I'll just do what I do and say Happy Sunday to you now and wish you well and Cheryl a Happy Birthday and life will go on.

More later. Whenever that turns out to be!