The large bookstores of today

Do you ever give yourself permission to just "disappear" into the masses at your local Seriously Huge Bookstore? Because I did just that yesterday, I woke up thinking today about my time there. About how I sat in the cafe with my Really Big Frozen Frothy Coffee Drink (and equally huge iced water.) About how I made a list of writing projects I've been far behind on. About how I felt I'd accomplished a great deal when it was time to go, having actually sat and written for hours on end.

Remember years ago when bookstores were small-ish and they didn't have cafes? I truly do miss some of the magnificent privately-owned bookstores I've frequented over the years. Lamented their departure all those years ago when they were becoming a thing of the past. I also have to admit I've become accustomed to the way it is now. It's become a way of life to meet our friends at these places and have a coffee, find a book, or at least a magazine or greeting card or a bar of chocolate - something you just have to have - and be a part of this little slice of culture. Where you're visible and invisible all at once.

It's good for people-watching too.