Website cart before the horse - jewelry links

105053-434372-thumbnail.jpgOkay, so I got ahead of myself. I've been working on getting photo galleries of more of my jewelry online. For several shoots, more photo shoots, then more... It was fun and challenging at the same time.

Then I built the new links. Kinda' like those new links! I think they're fun and kinda' pretty. And hopefully will make my site more easy to navigate. Woo hoo! Check...

But remember that phrase "getting the cart before the horse?" Melody, stand up and raise your hand! I have photos, sure, and they're tidily separated into galleries of similar pieces. Um. And that's all. Old blog entries still link to old galleries. (Not a good thing in the web world.) And my "pride and joy" pieces, the pendants accented by beads, well those photos are out here for all to see, but I didn't add the prices yet!

Good thing I'm so accessible on email. Generally I ask that people email me for more details anyway. But prices are good to know up front. So I'll be working to get these problems remedied asap. Meanwhile, please just email me if you see something you like. You know I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions!