The intrigue of mosaic art

soniakingmosaics.jpgWhen I find myself in the position to stop all work I'm focused on and have the resources to just play with some new obsession, I'm going to explore mosaic art. In a massive, huge way.

This website I've found tonight is one of many I've visited over time that reminds me how intrigued I am by this art form. Not because I'd like to make it my career or make money at it at all, but because I would like to frankly see what would happen if I were turned loose with scads of materials and time.

Sonia King Mosaics is an intriguing website. It's very nicely done, the colors and design appeal to me, and the work reflected in her gallery is, to me, breathtaking. I mean, what fun this would be! If you visit this site, peek through the galleries. Imagine being let loose with the tools to see if you couldn't do something like this. I'm enthralled by the patterns and textures.

I have friends who create various kinds of mosaics regularly. Lovely, beautiful peieces. None of them do so on such a grand scale, devoting the bulk of their professional efforts to a mosaic art career. But I've seen enough to know it's hard (I actually made a whole stepping stone one time and was surprised by how difficult it was for me,) and time-consuming. But how rewarding, too, no?