First blogging with baby in lap

Never tried this before. I'm sitting here at the computer with my sister's baby in my lap. The very baby whose attention span is roughly as advanced as my own. Thought I'd say a happy rainy Saturday morning and "Hi Grandma and Grandpa from Mr. Pie" all at once.

This blog isn't supposed to be about babies. It's supposed to be about creativity and travel and stuff. ADD, though, links it all up. It's been the kind of morning that has rushes and rushes of thoughts that tumble over each other.

Which means I can link this morning up quite nicely to this blog's purpose and tell you my sister and friend, Jan, and I have a joke about our "jobs" in this baby's "village." I get to teach him all the creative stuff. Jan gets to teach him all about nature. Sis gets everything else.

So at 5 1/2 months today's creative play will no doubt be the same as always...lots of singing and talking and playing games with "where's that toy going and do you think you can get to it if you push off my leg like this since you're not really into crawling yet and stuff."

Ya, some mornings are just nice for their own, slow, cozy rhythms.

Hope your weekend has something equally as warm and fuzzy.

Meanwhile, the baby is still in my lap and as long as I type really, really fast he seems somewhat entertained. But it seems boredom is setting in, for him that is, and so we're going back to our other creative play area. Cheers!