Dreaming about work

Do you dream about your work? I do. And did last night...and the night before, too. It's not a bad thing, of course. Not a good thing, either. Just a "thing that makes ya' go 'hmmmm!'" I guess.

Night before last I dreamed about the bead party/workshop I'm hosting tonight. At a local hotel. (Now that's a first!) It's for a family reunion, so that should be way fun. It's interesting to watch people interact with their extended family members, especially after some time apart. So in my dream I was trying to prepare some things in advance that can't really be planned for since who knows who's going to choose what length beading wire and which clasp will suit which designer? I was planning for efficiency and being "thwarted at every turn." (Dreams are always a bit melodramatic, aren't they?)

This morning I awoke after dreaming about all sorts of things not related to my career, but the finale was to decide on what beads to use for my next necklace.

I'll have to post photos of the necklaces and earrings I've been making this week. Soon. The necklaces don't have pendants...they're just long, looooong (longey-long, I said to one person,) strands of really tiny beads interspersed with a larger bead every now and then. These styles have been popular with my customers in the past and I've gotten into making more lately. So they'll definitely have to be on the website.

Photos. Yep, that's on the plan. We'll see how far I get today with the schedule I've started for myself already. But remind me if you don't see photos soon...hopefully I won't have to be reminded again.

Cheers! Of the "Happy Friday" variety...