Creativity lately...

This week, in no particular order, I have:

  • Put some recently-fired clay pendants of some children I taught in camp onto some waxed cotton cord and added clasps for them,
  • Helped some friends make some jewelry with my verymuchfunbeads,
  • Written a lot - but nothing that was published online,
  • Read some interesting blogs,
  • Gone to a bookstore and consumed a very large quantity of coffee while trying to decide which of the jewelry-design books in front of me were going to be my next purchase,
  • Sketched some new pendants,
  • Made a list of some of the jewelry designers whose techniques I want to learn more about,
  • Shot a few more photos for these never-quite-good-enough images I want to put online and print for gallery jury submissions,
  • Responded to a lot of emails,

And a whole bunch of stuff but that's a long enough list for a blog time that's really bed time.