Chris Dunmire on creativity

Do you ever look around for others who think somewhat like you do? Because that's something I do - particularly when I need a creative boost - I've discovered a website I think is interesting. Having read a couple of the articles, I'm looking forward to reading more. Bookmarked 'em for sure.

Chris Dunmire's blog is called Creative Slush. Fun!

On the"About page I learned this:

This site isn't just about my creative things. It's about the bits and pieces of inspiration that fuel my imagination and motivate me to be creative. It's about the little tangents my mind goes on to experiment and give into even the smallest of creative urges. It's my answer to "What inspires a Creativity Enthusiast?"

Well hello!!! That's what I've been looking for, exactly, every time in the past when I've looked for such a site. She hit it more dead on than any of the others. So hopefully my creative readers will also find some inspiration there, too. Enjoy!