They're hunting me down...

When your friends and family start calling and emailing to ask where you word on the blog, haven't heard from you, etc., etc., etc. ... you know you'd better whip together a quick blog entry, at very least!

Wouldn't it be way cool if I could tell you I've been away perusing sun-soaked, beach towns, finding my next home? Ooh...maybe a bungalow on a street where all your artsy-fartsy neighbors ride bicycles and sit on their porches at night?

Or maybe it'd also be cool if I could tell you I've been booking a flight to Greece where I'll be spending a couple of weeks in August.

Well, enjoy my fantasy with me 'cause that ain't it. I've been neck-deep in domestic adventures that involve things like rearranging my bedroom (again,) and studying Adobe InDesign which I just can't seem to get my brain around, and sorting a seemingly-endless array of beads which just don't seem to be the way I left them. Hint: it's got something to do with the children and senior citizens I lay the beads out in front of and basically said "Have at it! Hint 2: Have at it no more. MAN! It's good to organize your inventory sometimes, but I'm tellin' ya, sometimes you just create for yourself More Great Fun Learning Experiences.

So no worries. I'm not lost. I know I owe half of you phone calls and emails and I'm not boarding any planes or heading off into the wild blue yonder in my trusty Toyota. Not yet, anyway...