Oh! Finishing stuff feels good too...

Wow! Having been working from a fairly old to-do list (or better described: a list that has a few entries that are from way back,) it occurred to me I'm actually getting stuff done. Stuff that should have been completed a while ago.

So now I find myself feeling a remarkable sense of accomplishment.

I'm diggin' it.

Sure, it's a different feeling than the rush of getting a good, new idea on paper before you forget all the elements, but on the other hand, it's an awfully satisfactory feeling, nonetheless. And it seems to chisel away some layered-on guilt I wasn't particualrly enjoying, too. Not that guilt is healthy and of course we know I'm the only one who even cared about these tasks and therefore I'm the one who assigned the guilt too. But if I cared enough about them to assign these tasks to myself, clearly they needed to be done.

So I'm doin'em and it's very, very much cool.

Back to my list. Hope your day is just as productive!