Beading back to a groove

Are you one of those people who "fights" with yourself when you're off-kilter? Because I've been doing just that lately, I thought I'd throw the question out to others. (You know...Please please tell me I'm normal and not the only one who does this sort of thing!)

But yesterday I stopped fighting with myself and things went much better.

See, I had a to-do list and "Study The Way Hard Nasty Computer Program I Totally Don't Get" was much higher on the list than "Make Pretty Beaded Necklaces" was. So I kept putting off the "play" that was making the necklaces and forcing myself to do that which wasn't feeling so natural to me.

Then I discovered I kept trying the same tricks over and over again when I tested my newfound "knowledge." And I kept reading the same pages over and over in the manual. Wasn't getting anywhere so why not bead?

Besides, I have had some commissions. So really it's not play at all but work, as well! Somehow, though, in spite of the fact that both tasks are viable parts of my income, I tend to think of the beading as play and the study as not-so-much. Hm.

Well, let me tell you something. I have gotten some pretty glorious beading done these past two days. Which lightens the mood a lot, since I'm accomplishing things I need to do, also having fun, and not really fighting myself anymore.

Of course, as soon as I crop the photos of the necklaces I just made and email them to the clients, I'm gonna' have to return to studying again. But I'm expecting that the break I allowed myself will help.

Sure hope so!