Just because you can doesn't mean you should

This quote, about which I don't know the origin, is a good one. I've used it with my website clients: "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." In these instances I mean: have jumping graphics all over your home page, or music that delightfully announces a visitor's arrival at your home page each time they visit.

I thought of another use for this quote in relation to my own career choices this weekend. I've written here just a bit about this summer's art camp classes I've taught. Children came to me to explore introductions to "wearable art." 

The children were, at the end of each week, delighted and thrilled with their work. And while I found many, many things about which I enjoyed about each child, at the end of both sessions, I found myself not breathing deeply enough, feeling tense, waking up too early in the morning thinking of the next time I go back and do it again. The anxiety was not of the kind that indicates excitement.

And yet I found myself nearly agreeing to sign on for more sessions in the fall. It has something to do with "well they've offered to pay you for this...freelancers shouldn't turn down paying jobs." And we could make an argument for that very assertion. In the end, though, I slipped out of the commitment and decided the driving time, the prepration time, the final bits and pieces...and so on and so forth, are not for me. Not to mention the fact that while I may be good with children and they seem to like me, too, I'm just not cut out to be a teacher.

Deja vu? You think perhaps you've read something along these lines here before? Well, you're not imagining it. I do believe I've danced around the subject before. But if you're a regular reader you'll probably recognize the trend: I can easily talk myself into something I don't really want to do when given enough gentle encouragement from others who think I'm good at it.

Are you, like me, looking for the best way to enjoy the journey? Well, here's a lesson we should all pay more attention to: listen to your intuition. Your inner voice will rarely steer you wrong. I'm talking, of course, to little old me this morning...