The height of intelligence

Oh yea, I'm smart.

In a remarkable show of tenacity, I've been working from a To Do List of the Highest Order. All day long. Which included, of course, lots and lots of laundry. Like clothes and rugs and towels and comforters and sheets. And etc.

The sun was so hot today and I'd already spent such a long time washing the fluffy mattress topper and down comforter that I decided to lay them out on the patio chairs. They'd be dry in mere hours, I decided. And I'd save the electricity, have a nice, fresh, summer smell tonight, and have free appliances for more and more loads.

Have you looked outside lately? Do you live in North Carolina? If you can answer yes to both these questions, you might have noticed a bit of a deluge.

Guess how long it had been raining when I remembered my brilliant domestic laundry decision...?