More fun starting stuff than finishing it

It's a whole lot more fun to start new, exciting projects than to finish some of the old, tired ones. It's a personal challenge of mine to stay on track and complete projects.

Of course it's mostly difficult when they are my own personal projects. When I'm working on a project for a client, see, I sometimes overcompensate for this flaw in my general makeup by staying on top of things really, reeeeeeeally rigidly. It helps, though, to be a little uptight about your clients' deadlines.

Not so much my own projects. Take for instance my websites. I've got two active websites. This one, and the other one which is a fairly new blog-driven project I've very much enjoyed working on for just under 3 months and which sometimes boggles my mind when I think about how rapidly it's evolved. It's a lot of work to keep content fresh. I'm behind on both of them. Very behind.

Doesn't matter. Having a To Do List roughly the size of Maine didn't keep me from surfing the net for well over an hour yesterday, researching the existing websites concerning a topic I think it would be neat to have my own website about. (Sorry - you don't get to know the topic. Can't have all my little secrets out there for everybody to read.)

Why, I ask you, must I plan websites that don't really need to exist when I already have two to manage and a need to create more jewelry and market that jewelry for all those would-be-buyers who haven't seen it yet? WHY???

There is no answer. Well, there are tons of answers. But I've spent quite enough time on this matter for now. Perhaps it's time to get back to that list. Again.