First peekaboo with The Sultan of Cool

105053-397667-thumbnail.jpgThis baby, perhaps I've mentioned, is very, very cool. (Sister's baby, that is.) Even when he doesn't know it, or isn't trying to be, he's cool. He laughs for no reason, which gets me laughing, then he laughs at me and we have a bigold laugh fest. He cocks his eye. He grins with one side of his mouth like my Daddy does. He tells it like it is.

And today he played peekaboo with me. Only he is totally oblivious to what a big deal this was to auntie. I threw a blanket over him. He grabbed it...pulled it over his face. He was really, really sleepy at that point. So it was a gesture of tiredness. No big deal. Then later, all fresh from his nap, he was awake. Threw the blanket again. He laughed. Pulled it over his face again. And again. Woo hoo! Baby's playing games! But when I make a big deal about it, he's like "Wha'd I do??"

Ah the coolness that is this little dude. Whose latest in a long list of nicknames is, as of today, The Sultan of Cool. Because he just is!