A hummingbird & a moth but no bears

105053-395209-thumbnail.jpgWe're told that time away is good for us. I think it must be true. I've just spent several days in a mountain cabin: reading a book, watching movies, eating food that isn't good for me. Bliss.

Now I'm home and thinking about the week ahead: the to-do lists, the scheduled appointments, the classes of children who will, once again, learn about "Wearable Art" from me.

Perhaps the best method is to transition slowly back to our schedules and remember to take more of that "down time" along the way. Rather than All Or Nothing. As it usually is for me. For some of you.

105053-395211-thumbnail.jpgDo you know that in my entire life, I only recall seeing perhaps 3 or 4 hummingbirds? Yet this trip, sitting on the upstairs deck of a log cabin in the woods of Virginia, a hummingbird came to visit my friend and me perhaps 6 times. I imagine it was the same little dude, and he was so close I could see him so well. But I never was able to move quickly to capture a photo of him. If I had the camera nearby, then he didn't come. But he visited us again even this morning. A goodbye visit, perhaps.

I did, however, capture the photo of this moth that came to sit for a very long time on my foot. First on my toe, then after a while he left, then returned to sit on my foot. Amazing. I suppose I call it amazing because things like this don't happen to me very often. I don't sit still in a nature-filled place long enough that hummingbirds stare me in the face and moths sit on my feet. But this week I did. And it was very, very nice.

No bears though. Maybe next time.