A blogger without technology?

So tomorrow morning I'm leaving town for a few days. And I'm told the mountain cabin I'm going to doesn't have anything resembling an Internet connection. I wonder how heavy the withdrawals will hit me? No doubt pretty hard...I'm completely addicted to the handy use of my computer and the Internet.

Meanwhile, I'm taking some training material, some good books, clay and maybe some jewelry making supplies. Although I did decide to go to this place so I'd find some time for R&R. Gotta' strike a balance, I guess. So hopefully I'll find a way to fit in just enough work to ward off the guilt, but get some serious rest, too.

Been feeling the need for that serious rest.

If you email me, please don't be alarmed at my delay in responding. I'll reply to all messages asap after I return. Depending on what time we get back on Sunday, though, I'm then to prepare for Monday's camp sessions, then have an afternoon meeting with a website client. So the asap part is relative.

Hope your week-end and weekend are great!