Goal setting, next round...

Ever sit down for a long goal-setting exercise and discover, three days later, that you have to start over in another, completely different direction?

I talk a lot about my "made up career." Freelancing might take me into an art classroom with a lot of children or seniors, or I might fly to another city to sell my necklaces and teach people how to make beaded jewelry. Meanwhile, while in another city, I go into the office with my friend and start building a website for her boss. And after returning home, I help someone write a resignation letter they've been putting off for weeks. Then I get an announcement about an upcoming art fair and perhaps I'd like to have a booth.

Makes a woman tired.

I've written a lot recently about wanting to take my jewelry designs to the next level. About wanting to study more complex techniques. Well how can I study these techniques and still pay for gas and the rest of my bills? Can't. Turns out I don't actually have a patron waiting in the wings. (Although if you know of someone just dying to sponsor a fairly talented, highly enthusiastic artist, I'm willing to change my mind again.)

All that to say: in spite of my recent assertions that I want to start moving away from web design so I can spend more time with jewelry design, it's actually going to be happening in reverse. The more I focus on web design and online endeavors, perhaps the sooner I'll create the opportunity to take a nice break and study some new jewelry techniques. (No, I'm not going to stop designing jewelry. It's just going to move into a different space in my life for a while.)

This way I won't have to battle migraines or some mental institution or other.

It's really quite a relief! So much for that recent goal-setting exercise. Now I have to start all over. Fortunately, all the other stuff I wrote about can still "come true." I'll just put it on hold for a while. Not a bad thing at all, really, once you get your brain around it... and the web is very exciting.

Imagine: you have to make a choice between two things you love. Aren't I a lucky girl???