Creative endeavors & less focus than usual

You've been missing my lists. C'mon...admit it. You know you have! Here are some of the random, somewhat creativity-related topics running through my more-than-typical-levels-of-scatteredness mind today. (I'm getting sick and have less ability to stay focused than even on an average day.) No matter, there have been some interesting distractions (sometimes also called my job, although not always,) this week:

  • I assisted 10-12 senior citizens to make their own bracelets yesterday at a local senior resource center. I think they had a nice time. It was the first time I offered such a workshop in this location, and I'm going back in a week. Some of them seemed to really like me. I thought they were nifty too. As were some of their bracelets when we were finished.
  • Last night's meeting was fairly productive, although I'm not clear on how many of the summer camp "wearable art" sessions are going to "make." (If anybody wants to learn to make clay pendants and make beaded jewelry, you should let me know. It sounds like a neat camp. They have spaces for school children, teens, and adults too!
  • I've made more necklaces toward that "get 'em ready for the galleries" goal but I'm stalled again, what with the insane schedule of this week and the increasing headaches that haven't gone away yet.
  • According to an email I received last night, some local budgetary updates are going to affect a local market in which I and other area potters find quite important. I have some details but not enough to seriously blog about it. I'm holding out hope for improved concentration and will be writing more soon. It's a huge deal to me and to some others I know, and I really hope to get it together really soon to share the details right away.
  • It was cool to see another potter-friend yesterday. I always love catching up with her, even though we never get to visit for nearly long enough.
That's plenty. Perhaps next time I write, you'll get to read something truly inspiring or interesting or news-worthy. For now, I think I shall nap. Cheers!