Moving beyond a creative standstill

Fortunately for the creative types I know, if we run into a roadblock in one area, another avenue tends to open up and creative challenges don't hold us back for long. The problem with creative blocks, as I see it, is particularly notable when they appear in an arena in which one also generates an income. Which is to say, this recent block of mine, where creating new necklaces is concerned, has been horrid. I need to make necklaces because I like to sell my necklaces, and you can't sell what you haven't created.

Tra la laaaaa! Yesterday I was able to move past my little roadblock and create two new pieces. I'm excited about this for a number of reasons:

  • Blocks are surely "in my head" and once the thought that I'm not creating becomes too solidly placed, that wreaks all sorts of other havoc with my perceived abilities.
  • Making these new necklaces kinda' gets me "on a roll," which means I should be able to follow that initial momentum and create others I like.
  • My "to do list" says that I have to create new pieces this week. Don't want to let the list down.
  • There's a gallery I'd like to submit work to. That's been on this list for a while, now, and my visit there yesterday reminded me of that goal. I can't submit photos of this work if I don't have work to photograph.
And so without further ado, I shall move along with my morning routine. I have a meeting in a couple of hours, and after that I need to go locate a senior center at which I'm conducting a session tomorrow morning - best to scout out my route before the morning of. Somewhere in there, yea, I think there's time for more creative expression. I'll letcha' know!