"Trust the process" and eBay


Just over a week ago, my first weekly eBay listing appeared on this site. Yesterday that first auction was completed and the second began.

I'm reminding myself to trust the process. In this case, I think of my plans to market my work to a new eBay audience and consider this a process...by which I may pretty much give away a few necklaces in the early stages. As I did this week, in a manner of speaking.

Since I'm starting the bids at $1 a week - much less than these pieces are worth, of course - there's always a risk. I'm told by those who sell prolifically on eBay that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. And so the necklace I just sold on eBay will go to a person who will hopefully value and enjoy it...particularly for the deal they got.

You, too, could get a good deal! Until the word gets out and my name is known as a regular seller, who knows how the future bidding could go? Obviously I'd like to make some money in the process, as well as turn new people on to my site. But who knows?

Meanwhile, I encourage you to check out this week's auction. It'll be over next Sunday evening (EST) and again I started the bidding for my new necklace at only $1.  Anybody looking for a new Summer accessory? Take a look!