Weekend insomnia

Ugh. Can't sleep. It occurs to me that I'm not willing to stay awake indefinitely this morning...I'm absolutely going back to bed. But maybe writing about some of the thoughts I've been mulling over for at least an hour as I rolled around, could help:

  • Do I want to upgrade more of my designs to include semi-precious stones in addition to glass beads?
  • Is it time to take a metals class to improve the quality of my designs?
  • Car. It's going to be time to suck it up and buy a new car.
  • And what about my living arrangements? They're nice for now...cozy. But then what?
  • Can I actually design something nice if I try again today? Lately the inspiration has eluded me.
You know, it's really just going to turn into an endless list. Nobody wants that. This is plenty. Best try to sleep.  Otherwise, I'll have to commit to being up. Ugh. Happy weekend, ya'll!