The princess has a birthday...number 4!

It's Trinity's birthday. It's a very big deal when a princess has a birthday, and especially when she gets a party too. I'm going to her party, and am looking forward to it. I've been to her parties before, and they're a lot of fun. It may be more fun for me because Trinity's Dad's birthday is on the same day as hers so they share these parties, and a good time is always had by all, including the grown-ups.

The Princess has a Mom, too, and we've been friends for a lot of years. Her Mom and her Grammy J, and I have, actually, and my sister, too. So really, aside from being very excited that The Princess is turning 4 and we're going to celebrate her, I'm quite looking forward to hanging with the girls. Roomie is going this year, too, and maybe even Mr. Pie, my new baby nephew, if it's not too hot. You can see, as the thoughts unfold for me, that it's getting more exciting by the minute.

I mustn't forget to wrap the presents.  

See? Life really is very thrilling and fun. And since I write about creativity and Trinity is an exceptionally creative little girl, there you have it. The link...that and I also write about things that make me happy and Trinity does this.

(Nobody say a word about ADD and coffee. I haven't had a cup yet this morning, thank you very much. Although ADD comes whether I drink it or not...)