Discovering non NC potter, Liz Kinder

lizkindersite.jpgI'm always a little excited when I learn about a new clay artist who lives somewhere outside the state of North Carolina. No good reason. There are just so many potters here. "You're from NC? Well of course you make pots. Oh? You're not from here? Oh! Well how fabulous you make pots too! May I see your work???"

I found a new potter online yesterday and immediately fell in love with the examples in her photos - and her website. Her name is Liz Kinder and she has a studio in Philadelphia. Read her bio page too (which is quite fun to read, I should add,) and you'll learn that she has also made pottery in other places besides Philadelphia!

I think it's the way she glazes her pots that is most appealing to me. What fun! In fact, looking at her glazes made me wish I were still throwing pots. That's usually a good sign that I'm really interested in a potter's work - when it triggers something I've buried too far.

Really like her website too. All that nice white space. Uncluttered. Subtle. Elegant. I'm looking for inspiration in that regard, too, no doubt...

Hope you enjoy as well!