Art camp today!

Today is the first day of art camp at Art Alliance. I'm looking forward to meeting the children and teaching them how to make "wearable art." Yup, that's my specialty!

Today's fare: clay bead and pendant making and, if time permits, we'll start on some paper beads. That's new to me...I've thought those were really neat for a while now, so took some time to learn how this weekend. Between the internet and my own natural creativity, I think I've come up with some great samples to show the children. I have three bracelets made with beads I made all by and for myself yesterday. Lotta' work. Looooootta work. But I think the campers will enjoy it. Hope so!

That's it. Going to camp. Wishing, at the moment, that I had the afternoon session instead of morning, but I'm the new kid on the block, so what's a woman to do? Perhaps coffee...