Maybe thunder isn't that scary: ask the baby

Really stormy weather fascinates me. In the third floor, downtown apartment I lived in for 7 years, I used to go out onto the screened-in, back porch sofa when it stormed, and watch everything happen from my decidedly superior vantage point.

It wasn't always that way. My recollections now remind me that people seemed afraid of storms when I was a child. (Yea, I know: people get struck by lightening and stuff.) Then there was the fact that we lived in the deep south where hurricaines came around pretty close. I know there was a reason for the fear of storms. But every single thunderstorm isn't gonna' come get us, you know?

Storms are still cool, in my book, and I've often thought it sad when I saw a child totally freak out when they heard the slightest rumble of thunder. Rain won't melt you and most of us won't be struck by lightening. I don't know a single soul who ever was. (Okay, our house when I was a child. I slept through that, too, and then got to wake up to the big old story everybody told for years about the night the house lost a chunk to lightening. Hm.)

Apparently Mr. Pie thinks they're pretty cool, too. He was here yestereday when we had one magnificent storm. The first couple of claps of thunder (you know, the ones that kinda' jolted me from my seat, they were so loud,) came during his nap. Baby slept through them. Yup!

Later I took him to the door and we stood there looking out at everything. He's enthralled with water so he just stared, seemingly enthralled by the gush coming out of the gutter drain pipe. Same at the back - he just watched. Lightening came. Not a blink. Thunder came. He did blink. Then kinda' open his eyes in wide surprise. Then giggled.

Now I'm not running around in the rain with my nephew and I'm not teaching him to be stupid. But it seems to me that some of the excessive fear of storms are just silly. Balance seems to be the key to me, in all things, including this. And if I can do my small part to make sure Mr. Pie has a healthy respect for the weather and doesn't go running to the closet the first sign of thunder, I'll be more than a little proud.

By the way: he was more adorable yesterday than ever before. Just thought you'd want to know.