Buying beads for me vs. groups

You'd have to look in that suitcase over there to really believe the vast quantity of beads I own. Because I'm about to go buy some more, if you'd looked in that suitcase, you'd probably want to know why I need more.

I'm asking myself that very question, this morning.

But I have an answer, of course. I always, always have an answer. The collection of beads came about through the need to embellish my art. First it was the clay tiles I used to make quite a lot of. Then it was a couple of my lamps. Pretty soon it was quite natural that I would be making actual necklaces and other jewelry pieces with the beads. I suppose it's pretty natural, too, that I then started teaching people how to make things with beads.

Tonight I'm teaching another workshop. And in spite of all those beads in that rolling bag of mine, yes, I have to buy more. There's a certain kind of bead that becomes depleted over time, if enough people get their hands in your beads. Let me assure you, many, many hands have been in my beads.

It begins to occur to me that I'm going to have to buy another similar suitcase and another series of boxes to house all the beads I personally use in my designs. It's becoming more and more tricky to keep up with what's meant for my use and what's available for others to use.

Meanwhile, I can't think about that. I have to sort these beads. And then I'm going to buy some more...