Looking for the ideal creative space

Do you have a space that inspires you more than others? Maybe it's in your home or outside in your garden, or even in your office? Because of a personal quest to find the most creative space possible, for my own unique processes, I'm thinking about the space of others.

This weekend Sarah and I drove around to some local studios and enjoyed the work of some local artists. Two of these artists are also our friends and we both remarked about how, since the studio and display space also happens to be in their homes, the homes and their work seem to be a sort of reciprocal reflection of these people. The homes "looked like" their owners. Their work "looked like" them too! In a strange little way.

Then we went to a local cooperative space and although they weren't "open for business" in the typical manner of speaking, one of the artists there let us in to look around. That space was nothing like the studio space in our friends' homes.

Got me thinking - even more - about my own ideal creative space. It's related to the question I posed a while back concerning what we would do if we were guaranteed success. Ever since then, I've been trying to look at life situations through the perspective of that question. Assuming, if you will, that I will succeed. So in trying to identify my ideal creative space, I'm going on these field trips, looking at the studios of others and examining my own creative goals.

It's been an interesting process. No doubt you'll hear a lot more about it here in the coming days...weeks. Maybe the questions will never stop coming, just like the ideas...