Happy Father's Day!

Chances are before the day is out, my Daddy will pop in here to see what at least one of his kids is up to. Although today he won't really learn anything new about me, at least he can read this wish.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

My parents live in the next state over. The drive here is about 200 miles. How lucky, then, that I got to see him just two days ago. (Along with my mom - hi Mom!) They were coming through town and sis and I got to visit with them for a few hours.

Here are the things I didn't tell him when we were hanging out on Friday. Thank you:

  • ...for loving our mother so much.
  • ...and for making sure we never doubted that we were loved.
  • ...for offering such a balanced viewpoint to our conversations throughout my life.
  • ...for being the kind of father who didn't flinch when his daughters chose to discuss things like bras at the dinner table.
  • ...for helping your children know that they could do anything they decided they wanted to try, do, or be.
I love you Daddy.