Why the population keeps expanding

105053-365437-thumbnail.jpgAt "the last minute" yesterday, sis called to see if I might be available to keep her baby. What? You want me to stop doing whatever it is I'm doing and hang out with the most exquisite small person I've ever laid eyes on? What are you, kidding???

Now, just so you know, this is what Mr. Pie was saying while I was snapping this photo:

"Auntie Melody, you are the greatest chick I've ever known in my whole entire 16 weeks of life. 'Cept my Mommy, of course. In fact, I was just telling Mom and Dad earlier today that I didn't get to see you nearly enough and so they really needed to do something about getting us together. So how cool is this? They set up a play date just because I asked!"

And nobody else was there so frankly nobody can prove he didn't say that. Well, unless they examined his vocabulary and discovered his complete lack of, well, vocabulary. That'd be something else altogether.

This is by far the coolest baby I've ever known in my whole entire life. (Evidenced by the fact that I'm now writing scripts for his indistinguishable laughing and cooing.) And I've known rather a lot of babies. On the other hand, I'm told everybody thinks that about their sister's offspring. So here we are with a gloriously front and center piece of evidence why we will never, ever have a shortage of people on this earth. Babies like this one are way too cool...