Jewelry that inspires me

jesmaharry.jpgAre you familiar with the jewelry designs of Jes MaHarry? Her Sun Horse Jewelry website makes me feel so good whenever I need a creative lift.

I first discovered her work through the Sundance Catalog. Anytime this catalog arrives, I can sit and just pore over the pages. When there's a new piece by Jes MaHarry, I get a little extra excited because the colors and textures and sometimes less traditional ways of combining materials fascinates me.

Her website inspires me. The photos of her ranch and the studio collages that include light-filled selections of those bowls and bowls of turquoise and pearls and other beads....aah. Imagine having this kind of space to work in. How could a person not be inspired?

Anytime the inspiration seems to wane, I can look at work like this and remember that it's all going to be just fine. Inspiration will always come, and's looking pretty good.