More on creative momentum & tricking ourselves

105053-360726-thumbnail.jpgDo you want to help me trick my brain again? Because I have to have little, ongoing, tricks of the brain to maintain a certain direction to my creative momentum, I've decided that taking some photos of my recent progress and blogging about the new - albeit few - new necklaces, will help me do just that.

This week I managed to complete 4 new pieces. Satisfactory progress toward being a full-time jewelry designer this is not. But there's a mantra some people I know repeat often: baby steps. Just take baby steps.

So these necklaces are my baby steps. Now that I'm sharing them with you and now that I'm reminding myself of the fun in making these pieces, I'm excited again. It's a weekend, and the sun is shining, there's a little lift in the air that isn't always present throughout the week. Maybe soon I'll be able to report new  and exciting designs, beyond these piddly few. Wish me luck!