Uninspired? Well then, try again.

105053-352911-thumbnail.jpgDo you find that inspiration flows freely or do you sometimes have to trick yourself into an inspired space? You're being asked this question because it'd be cool to know if I'm alone in this. How about an example?

Yesterday and the day before were red letter, high-productivity days. I checked off so many things on my list I walked around on a little cloud wondering if people could tell just by looking at me, quite how amazing I was. I think not. But I knew. Well then, in the evening I realized I'd arrived at the "reward part" of my list. I was going to make some necklaces! Woo hoo! Finally...I'd put it off until I'd accomplished some of the less enjoyable tasks on my lists. This was to be the bonus time, see. The time when I just let my inner artist have at it. Be the artist. Be the design...

I went to the shelf on which my most exciting supplies are stored. Hm. Okay, then, why not look at the beads? Well, those are nice. Why not try these? Sure! I love those beads. Yea...I'll use them!

Fast forward: bowls of beads, a few pendants out, looking at silk ribbon, leather, wire - what shall I use? Hum de dum. Nothing. Not a tiny little spark.

Whassup with that???

Well, sometimes that's just how it is. I DID find the inspiration to sort a few things that had become intertwined when they shouldn't have been, and to cut some of the new beads I bought in Seattle off their cords and store them in the appropriate places.

But that's hardly designing jewelry, now, is it?

Well, this morning I'm going to try again. I've left out a few of the beads I thought I'd like to use last night. And I left a few pendants out that look like pieces I'd like to work with. Maybe they'll talk to me as I walk by. Maybe in the fresh light of day, a good night's sleep behind me, with a yummy cup of coffee in one of my favorite pottery mugs in hand, and Tori Amos on the stereo...yea, maybe inspiration will come today.

I'll let you know how it goes!