A late inspiration to take home with me

If you're a creative person, you might recognize the following experience. All around, items in the ordinary world inspire my little creations, and because I've been in a different city from usual for the past two weeks, the next Day Of Creation will be, I anticipate, one of the good ones. For several days, now, I've been mulling over this sculpture in the window of a gallery I didn't enter. But the sculpture triggered something in my mind that wants to design a series of ceramic pendants based on the basic layout of the sculpture.

My vision is quite different from the sculpture. I'm no more "ripping it off" than if I saw a green statue that triggered an idea of making a set of pottery bowls and glazing them in a similar green. But the spark was the important part and so I'm keen to give it a try.

But first, I have to finish packing a few last things, put on some shoes, and finish up the final preparations for a long flight home.