Seattle sushi - my best ever

Last night, after another mind-bogglingly full day in Seattle, I ate what I believe was the best sushi I have ever tasted. Before that meal, I had my first taste of Pioneer Square, Elliott Bay Book Co., a Seattle Mariners game, which I'll try to write a bit more about later, the huge and very interesting library, in which the women in our group conceived of a great screenplay we thought we might need to write together, while the men looked on with great expressions of highly affected patience, a drive around the university and a few other view-rich neighborhoods I hadn't seen yet... and then it was time for dinner.

Chinoise Sushi Bar & Asian Grill is one of Rhi and Aaron's favorite restaurants. This one is located on Madison, although there are other locations, too. Their menu is online if you're interested. Along with the more standard flavors we enjoyed, I tried two things for the first time. One was scallops, which I've never had raw (quite enjoyed them although there was the tiniest lingering thought, "Hmmm. I'm eating raw scallops!" Which is amusing, considering how that never crosses my mind with most of the other offerings. But the scallops were tender and buttery and I'm quite glad I had them. The other new treat might have been called a Captain Crunch, but I'm still unclear about that. It was a roll with avacado, a spicy sauce, a just-the-tiniest-bit-seared something (I can't remember which fish!!!) and cilantro, rolled in crispy shallots, topped with roe, I believe. The texture was incredible and the unexpected taste of cilantro made this just the perfect finish to an exquisite meal. The service was unquestionably fine.

I'd tell you more about the restaurant if I could gather my thoughts better. I'm awake and thinking of really getting up to gear up for another full day. Not quite there, since I keep thinking I might want another little nap (it's 8:57 here, by the way,) just to make sure I'm ready for this last leg. But as this trip comes to a close, I find I'm going to have to consider a break from my break, once I arrive home. I'm tired in a new way...highly satisfactory and with much to recall and process over the coming weeks, but it's difficult to express all the different sights, sounds, tastes and senses. And the sense of exhaustion that's just waiting to settle over me. Nothing a good, long, hot bath and a couple of really low-key days won't fix. I'm hoping...