Full day in Seattle...then another one

105053-333119-thumbnail.jpgRachel is spoiling me. She's making another one of those yummy breakfasts. When I go home I'll resume my habit of forgetting that there is such a thing as breakfast until it's nearly noon, no doubt, but on the other hand, maybe old habits can be broken.

And she spoiled me yesterday with the most amazing views and experiences. We went to Pike Place Market, as promised, and those people aren't kidding! Never have I seen more variety and more bustle in a market. Never have I seen a market that comes close to what I saw yesterday. I'll give you a little taste now and put up a more substantial gallery when I return home.105053-333135-thumbnail.jpg

This other picture was taken in a wonderful coffee shop just outside the market area. You can see how much I enjoyed that.

Then we took a ferry! It was way cool. Not quite as cool when we had to run, dinner still undigested, to keep from missing that ferry on the way back to Seattle. But that just makes the story better in the telling, right?