Last Saturday in Seattle

105053-332530-thumbnail.jpgDo you find yourself - when traveling - trying to fit in every tiny sight and sound possible? Because I've been here for over a week and knew I had several days beyond that to be in Seattle, it seems I allowed myself to be lulled by the "there's still plenty of time" myth.

Now, on my last Saturday in Seattle, a bit after we'd thought we'd be out and about by now, I'm thinking of how each day from now on will be mostly scheduled and set. Here's the way it's looking at this point:




  • Wherever Aaron and I come up with to go while the other three friends I have here are at their respective jobs
  • Afternoon with Rhi and him, possibly at the Frye Art Museum
  • Dinner with all at Tamarind's Tree, a restaurant everybody raves about

And who knows what else we'll find to fit into these last few days. But I'll report back! Hopefully I'll get even more inspiration for more jewelry designs while I'm here. I already have several, what with all the sights and textures and patterns I'm observing.

Also mustn't forget to tell you about the nicest used bookstore I visited yesterday, and the fiber place that specializes in natural dyes and glorious fiber-based goodies...