Sure there's more than just markets, but...

Ballard Market, Seattle
Do you ever find yourself just thrilled with a city? Although there's a ton to see while here and so much more to write about in this blog than I've come close to doing justice to, I'm thinking again about the neighborhood markets. Because to me they're so amazing, and because we don't have anything quite like this in the Triad.

As I've mentioned before, last Sunday we went to the Ballard Farmer's Market, and the Freemont one. I've found photos from 105053-332015-thumbnail.jpg
Freemont Market, Seattle
both. The first image is of one end of the Ballard Market. That shows a sort of overview of our experience there. These big flag-flanked-signs are used consistently (or at least at both of the markets I've actually been to,) for easy identification. I'm a fan of visual consistency so this was a bonus, in my book. It was at this particular market that I almost purchased a small artistic tile from the very first vendor whose booth I visited. I have her card but I put it down to keep myself in check. Maybe I'll find her actual shop before I leave; if not, she handily has a website.

The second photo is one that Bob took of Rachel and me while we were talking (or had been,) to Roger, a local artist whom I believe is a sculptor. He's also very involved in local goings-on in Freemont and was great to chat with. This was after I purchased my new beads.

We're going to Pike Place on Saturday. Do you know how excited I am about this? It's The Big Market, if I've gotten my Mental Seattle Stats right. I hear that's where they throw fish. That alone will make it worth the visit, but I'm betting I'll enjoy it for other reasons, too.

Now back to Friday. I'm working a bit from home, and think it just might be time for another load of laundry. Then perhaps I'll venture back out to discover more cool local shops. Happy Friday!